Gianluca Rossi

Area: Human Resource Management

- Personal & Qualifications Degree in Law (110 and laude) at 24 years (University "La Sapienza") Post-graduate qualification in HR management (MBA equivalent)- CIPD-Chartered institute of Professional Development at BPP Business School- London (UK)- 2007/09 Title of lawyer- (Court of Appeal in Rome-2001) IELTS certificate (British Council- 2008) - Professional experience HR executive - 20 years experience in HR management worked out in different companies (ADR Airports; RENAULT; PERONI/SABMILLER; Carlson Wagonlit; AVIS) with different organization (services/industry-manufacturing), structure and culture (italian/multinational companies) and in different business area (aviation-airlines; food and beverage-FMCG; IT services; automotive). Consolidate experience in change management and industrial relations. Strong focus on development and talent management. Used to work in an international context and dynamics.