Dircom is a professional body gathering the Communication officers from the most important companies and institutions in Spain, as well as the chief officers of Communication consultancies. Dircom was born in 1992 at the initiative of a group of selected Communication professionals, at a time when the reach of the Communication function's responsibilities in their companies and towards society was acquiring a growing importance. Dircom's view is to enhance the value of the Communication function and that of its managers within companies, and to that end four strategic axes are followed: to generate acknowledgement, to increase the profession's development, to provide ground for networking and to lead Social Responsibility. Dircom currently has over 800 members and is present all around Spain, while formal branches of the Association have been constituted in five regions already. Since June 2008 the Association is presided over by José Manuel Velasco, General Manager for Communication and Corporate Responsibility at FCC. The Association has an Executive Board with three Vice-Presidents and 13 members, including corporate Communication officers, CEOs of top Communication agencies and representatives of the Academic world. The Association has a ten person staff led by Sebastián Cebrián as the General Manager.

I protagonisti

José Manuel Velasco

President DirCom - General Manager for Communication and Corporate Responsibility at FCC

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